Ford Focus MK4-which model serves as the basis

The question of the model

So since the decision for a Ford Focus has been made, the question arose as to which model it should be. A diesel with Euro 6d-temp-that was clear-but which equipment variant should serve as a basis? I just imagine how I read this here in a few years and either think-Jupp, rightly decided or HM, that was not quite so clever. But well, at some point a decision has to be made and this can only be done on the basis of currently available data and circumstances. 

What is there anyway?

The following model variants are available:

  • Trend (base model)
  • Cool & Connect (advanced base model)
  • St-Line (sport variant)
  • Titanium ("Business/High End" version)
  • Vignale (in addition to titanium, design changes were made + higher quality materials used)

Which one should it be?

If you look at the brochure of the new Ford Focus, you can compare the interior nicely. Here the pictures are displayed next to each other. Model comparison-all variants simply by the small multimedia screen the model variant "trend" is gone, which represents the entry variant. For the group of people who don't value multimedia, this is a good and economical way to get a great car at an affordable price. But not suitable for me. The Vignale, the ausgebauteste level incl. Premium elements such as high-quality leather upholstery also fall away. I do not need it and the extra charge is not worth it.

Stay cool & Connect, titanium, St-line

Model comparison-Reduced The St-line definitely has the best optics for the front spoiler. However, as mentioned in a post earlier, my focus is not on PS or sports equipment. Thus, the St-line could also be removed from the list. If that were the same price, would I have thought about it, but spend more money on sports features? No, that doesn't have to be.

Stay cool & Connect as well as titanium

Ford Power Start feature (without having to plug in keys) is only available at Titanium and can only be booked at Cool & Connect at an additional cost. Cool feature, but that was only one argument-and of course not decisive for the war. Many features I wanted were available at Cool & Connect as additional options, but of course they were always more expensive than with the titanium version, where it was also an option or was already integrated in the equipment. All in all, it was therefore a madman to take the titanium model and upgrade it according to the wishes rather than cool & connect. So it has become the titanium version.

5-door or tournament like the combi at Ford is called

I've never been very fond of combos. Visually it is not so mine, I usually do not need it and the consumption is again minimally larger for a larger trunk that I do not need. There are, of course, optical exceptions, but these are scarcely sown. Thus 5-door.

Manual transmission or automatic

Yes, an interesting question. For a long time I was an advocate of manual transmission. My arguments were that I like to decide for myself how and when I turn on and that the automatic transmissions consume more and I remembered the automatic transmissions of 15 years ago when you had a noticeable break in every gear change. In the meantime I drove my turbo focus, rented cars also had manual gearboxes or other wagons I drove. About 1 year, however, I drove the automatic (DSG transmission) and thought only wow-that's what you want too. Thus, the decision has fallen on the automatic transmission. The new Ford Focus has a converter-automatic in it, which switches again softer when you start-perfect. The only disadvantage is that you cannot simply be towed. But if the new focus behaves just like the turbo focus, then this has been done with towing. Let's hope for the best.

1.5 L EcoBlue or 2.0 L EcoBlue

That was the big question now. PS and Acceleration I rather do not need, what for? The two times a year when you catch a section on a highway where you can drive without speed limit? No, I do not need and the 1.5 L has yes 88kW/120PS which for me is perfectly sufficient. The 2.0 L has 110kW/150PS and had 200 kg more towing load (braked), ie 1600 kg. The 1.5 L therefore has 1400 kg. I don't need it either, so I liked the choice of the 1.5 L.


So the following was taken as Bais for configuration: Sedan, 5-door, 1.5 L EcoBlue 8-speed automatic transmission.

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