SYNC3 – Hack for modifications

As always, carry out at your own risk. I am not responsible. I also assume no liability for any files linked here. Since I don’t host them myself, I have no control over them.

What is it roughly about? Normally there is no possibility to install your own files or to carry out modifications on the SYNC system, because it is a closed system. However, this is possible via a hack and represents a serious intrusion into the system. It also works (as it was today) with the currently available version SYNC 3.4 Build 21265. It is very likely that Ford will fix this error with one of the next SYNC updates thus making the modification impossible. Let us surprise.

But let’s start. Rough summary of how it all works:

  1. Getting the system to accept someone else’s code / files (the real hack – jailbreak file needed – link where to find the file further below)
  2. Install the Daemon Installer on the SYNC system (this runs in the background and checks whether a USB stick with executable files has been inserted (link where to find the file futher below)
  3. Install Mod Tools, the basic package to install modifications (link where to find the file futher below)
  4. Install the desired modification (link where to find the file futher below)

There are over a dozen modifications, from video players to play videos, being able to set your own individual background images, to modifications to expand the status bar with additional functions.

All files you need can be found in this forum:

This is also where the modifications are (further) developed, so you can always download the latest version. It’s a normal forum, so you’ll need to log in before you can interact.

Here is the direct link to the how-to how to install the whole thing:

And here is an overview with the available modifications:

If, like me, you want to install the Daemon Installer and the Mod Tools “all at once”, here is the link I used: Download

There is of course also a video with instructions on how to do it step by step