FORScan – via configuration


I’m trying to collect all the information that has to do with the MK4 and the module programming via the configuration menu. With each new FORScan version, more and more points can be easily programmed using the so-called configuration. Not every point that is available actually works with our focus or several points have to be changed, sometimes in different modules.

If you have any remarks or comments, I would be happy to hear from you.

 As always, everything is at your own risk!

Activate individual functions

Only one module affected

APIM Module

Display air conditioning menu in SYNC

Climate Control Type = Automatic

Climate Domain = enabled (required from SYNC 3.4 in addition to the Climate Control Type)

Video – How-To

Extended AC menu

Heated Windshield Management – enabled

Extended air conditioning menu in SYNC for windscreen heating

Rear window heating – enabled

Different themes / visual designs

Visual Design Variants = Lincoln (or others, works up to SYNC 3.3, from SYNC 3.4 only to a limited extent)

Steering wheel heating in the SYNC

Heated Steering Wheel Icon – enabled

Video – How-To

Seat heating in the SYNC

Seat Button Icons – Heated Seats

Video – How-To

Different start animations

Splash Screen – Choose one

Show speed limit in the navigation system / SYNC

Display Speed Limit = enabled

Video – How-To

BdyCM Module

With daytime running lights also switch on the rear light

DRL include park lamps – enabled

Video – How-To

Fog lights as cornering lights

Fog Lamp usage = cornering (lights up when you steer in the corresponding direction. With iLEDs, this option is switched off because the iLEDs light up to the left or right)

Video – How-To


Switch off warning tones

Chimes Driver Belt Minder – disabled (driver belt reminder)

Chimes Mid Passanger Belt Minder – disabled (seat belt reminder for rear seats)

Chimes Passanger Belt Minder – disabled (passenger belt reminder)

Chimes Vehicle running with door open – disable (sound with engine running and door open)

Power Liftgate Control – disabled (switches off the warning tone with the electric tailgate)

Unlock more complex functions

Several modules affected

Alarm system

 Receiving various feedback that it is working, but also receiving feedback that it is not working. There seem to be other factors influencing the whole thing.


Perimeter alarm – enabled

Panic Alarm Mode – enabled

Alarm Horn Sound – enabled

Alarm Sound Type – Vehicle Horn

mechanical alarm – enabled


Perimeter alarm guard control – enabled

 Perimeter Alarm guard reminder – enabled

Automatic locking at 20 km / h


automatic lock – enabled


automatic lock – enabled (menu appears in the board computer and then the function can be activated)

Video How-To