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In addition to the HUD, I also left out DAB+ in my equipment. You know my configuration. For €450, the HUD wasn’t worth the extra charge. The SYNC display is in the field of vision, as is the on-board computer in the instrument cluster. I really don’t think a third is necessary, even if there are certainly arguments for it. I also left out DAB+ at the time because of the surcharge of €200. I very rarely listen to the radio and have not needed it. However, I accidentally stumbled across an ACM, which I got for a small amount of money, including DAB/DAB+. So I figured I’d just retrofit it.

To get to the ACM, however, you have to dismantle quite a bit, but it looks like a lot more than it actually is. As always, once you’ve done it and know how it works, it’s actually a piece of cake.

In the following video I show you the conversion and the settings in FORScan.

If you want to do the same, here is a list of compatible ACMs (no guarantee of correctness). The last letter, marked with “x” below, varies depending on the firmware version.


Here is a selection of JX71-18C815 ACMs on ebay:

Here is a selection of JX71-18K810 ACMs on ebay:

If you (like me) only have 6 speakers but buy one with 10, that’s not an issue. Everything still works, the only thing is that an error code is stored in the ACM (because only 6 loudspeakers are connected, not 10).

In addition, an AM/FM/DAB amplifier is required – JX7T-18C847-BD – here is a selection on ebay:

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