Fine tuning completed//English added

Fine tuning is complete if you can call it completed. Certainly over the course of time here and there will be improved again. After all, it is a private project and thus is always "tinkered" with something here and there. In addition, I was thinking of offering this site in English as well. Surely today it is simply possible if you use chrome or corresponding add-ons to automatically translate a page into another language. However, it makes more sense to have static pages in another language. The question now was to write English content or to have it generated automatically. In principle, I liked the idea of writing the whole thing down in English quite well, but I thought about the time spent doing this and decided to use an automated solution. As a result, the possibility to switch between German and English at the top of the menu now exists, the English content is an automatic translation of How well this solution works will still show, after all, it is an automated translation. Thus, the page setup and the YouTube channel would be ready. Since there are still a few weeks to delivery, I will write down a few general information in the course of the next few weeks here for which configuration I have decided and what the motivations were. Then you have a clue as to what you can adjust or not-and therefore decide in the early stage whether you want to keep track of the diary/YouTube channel regularly or only sporadically by looking.

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