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It took 6 months, but now he’s there. Pickup was at the end of February but only now I have managed to write something here.

Pickup went off without a hitch. There was nothing wrong with the first appraisal. Varnish OK, gap measurements OK, rear camera tight and OK, those were at least the rough points that were mayed by many others. Everything else seems OK , too. So far so good.

After the first few days of use, everything else seems to work, too.

First refueling has taken place and is also stored in the fuel monitor. This is maintained and thanks to the app this is really a matter of a few seconds and not like years ago where you still had to enter the PC to enter the data. Current consumption is shown on the right side of the website.

Now it’s time to drive in the car. This is where the spirits argue whether that has to be or not, but it definitely can’t hurt. According to the manual, it is even recommended, namely 1000-1500 km. And that’s the current plan, too:)

Every manufacturer struggles with the pitfalls of its own products. This starts with small products where only a small thing does not work or breaks easily because a wrong material has been used, then goes over to smartphones that crash regularly and everything is gradually fixed with software updates up to the Automotive industry, which is struggling with exhaust problems or is experiencing delivery difficulties due to too much variety or supplier problems.

As already described in the article Prospective delivery date, the new car should have been delivered in November. More specifically, on 30.11.2018. At first, everything looked like it would even get better and the car will be delivered in early November. Unfortunately, it has not been the case. After that, the new delivery date was set to the 24.12.2018. OK I thought, not nice but now good. At the beginning of 2019 called the dealer and this informs me that my car has not yet been built. Oh.

Not only that, according to the system is the new production date March 2019! Yes, approx. 7 months after placing the order. Respect.

Research on the Internet shows that it is probably related to the trailer clutch. A first contact from the retailer to the factory also brought this information. It must be said here that the work had still closed (first calendar week 2019) and seemingly only an emergency occupation was present. Neither the trader nor I believe that an AHK can trigger such a big delay.

Once the plant starts again next week with production and is back with a full workforce, hopefully more information will be available and the production date will be switched from March to as soon as possible.

Since I also have to drive into current diesel driving ban zones, I will be reliant on a new vehicle from 2019. I included 3 months of delivery time when I ordered it (delivery date 30.11.2018) + 5-6 week buffer. So a solution had to come up. Because of holiday time, I spoke to other sellers in the same dealership as we are now solving this. All of them only offered me a paid car for the period up to construction. So 3 months driving a rental car and paying. If only a cheap 29 euros were to be expected, that would cost more than 2,500 euros. Not acceptable and I definitely would have turned on my lawyer.

So wait until my friendly and customer-oriented salesman is there. This one has provided me with a new Ford Focus MK4 for free and until my new one was built and delivered. Thank you again here to Mr Zelus from the Bunk dealership in Völklingen. So if you want to buy a car from this car dealership, please contact this seller. Nice, competent and he tries everything in his power to summon a solution when complications arise. Have already taken care of a small gift to show me thankful as soon as I can pick up my car.

The dilemma with the expected delivery date.

I have been informed that the new Focus will be delivered in the first week of November. Now we have in mid-November without which an extradition took place. Despite demand by email, I have not received any feedback. Tomorrow I’ll call and ask. That messes up my planning a bit. Now I would have to raise winter tyres on the Turbo Focus. That’s what I actually wanted to spare myself. But that’s the way it is.

Update 22.11.2018

The new delivery date is the 24.12.2018-Phew. You can see that you must not calculate too narrowly when ordering a new car and that you can’t always rely on the expected delivery date or else. Should.

Basic model is

As previously described, the basic model was now fixed-titanium. Now it was necessary to find out which equipment packages to choose. On the trend model, all other models build up (except Vignale-this builds on titanium), which already has a relatively large integration. OK you have to remember that I hang with the turbo focus 14 years behind and as already mentioned me with other cars had not been busy except with my own (repairs). So FAs is everything for me quite a lot of accessories.

Select Equipment Packages

The price list of the new Ford Focus presents all model variants clearly-including the possible equipment packages. Here, of course, you are spoilt for choice. What do you want? What makes sense? What is nice to have? And what is unnecessary? There are countless possibilities for combination, which everyone has to decide individually for themselves. One is sufficient as an additive e.g. Only the rear view camera, another wants only the side windows from the 2. row of rows and rear window have darkened without having to choose whole equipment packages. For my part, I wanted to have a few more things integrated in my car, if I can configure it myself. The following are the packages and accessories that I have chosen: Green marked, which I absolutely wanted and orange features which I also liked and I probably would have ordered. However, since they are included in the packages, there was no need for discussion. In summary, the packages for me were the better choice than single features invest. Some features are also available only in packages, such as The door edge protection, which is particularly interesting when small offspring ride or IACC. I will probably not need the charging function in the back seat back, but it is now. Maybe sometime in the future-who knows. I will report on everything in detail as soon as the car is there. So let’s start with:

  • Design Package III
    • Side windows from 2. row of rows and rear window, dark tinted
    • Intelligent LED headlights with anti-glare-beam assistant and camera-based curved light
    • Adaptive light cone and automatic light-width adjustment
    • Headlight cleaning System
    • Sequential LED indicator, Front for cool & Connect and St-line (already standard for titanium and Vignale)
    • LED Rear Lights
    • Windscreen wiper with rain sensor, sensitivity variable adjustable
    • Interior mirrors, automatic dimming
    • Headlight dipped beam with switch-off delay
    • 4 Light Alloy Wheels 10×2-spoke design, in luster-nickel-Premium coating

Why the III package? 

Package II and IV each have only as an addition to the previous package that the alloy rims/tires are others. Not important for me, so only package I or III came into question, which also have better alloy rims/tyres. Only in Package II were there intelligent/adaptive LED headlights. In simplified terms, it is possible to drive with a permanent beam. I really wanted to have it.

  • Easy-Parking Package plus
    • Active parking assistant with in-and out-parking function and part-automated vehicle guidance
    • Park pilot system front and rear
    • Reverse camera with split view technology
    • Door Edge Protection

Here the door edge protection was decisive. Finally, the son has added several additional quirks to the turbo-focus. Especially when the door was opened and pushed to the wall. Reversing camera I like to take with me here, I probably would have ordered either way. The active Park Assistant is a hot thing, but if you really want to use it in the future, you have to show yourself.

  • Family Package
    • Rear seat backrest with loading function for skis
    • Center armrest rear with 2 cup holders
    • Door-child lock, Electric
    • Passenger seat, manually adjustable height with adjustable Lendenwirbelstüttze (already standard for titanium)

The middle armrest did it to me. I wanted to have so that also the son drinks can be put off comfortably.

  • Technology Package II
    • Ford Intelligent Drive Assist, part-automated driving assistance with
      • Jam Wizard with Stop & Go function
      • Lane Pilot
    • Intelligent speed control system, adaptive (IACC-Intelligent adaptive cruisecontrol) with traffic sign identification
    • False Driver Warning function
    • Alternative Assistant (ESA-Evasive steer assistance)
    • Beam Wizard
    • Fatigue detector

Yes, technology has to be–everything goes in. IACC is also only available in the package, i.e. not as a single additional option. The lane pilot is also a fine thing and not included in the package I, so it became the package II.

  • Winter Package
    • Windscreen and washer nozzles, heated
    • Leather steering wheel, heated
    • Front seats, individually and variably heated

Front window Heated I always wanted to have. Also only available in the package and not individually.

  • Theft alarm system incl. Double locking (with indoor monitoring)

Since I am often on the road and did not want sleepless nights, I have integrated the alarm system with.

  • Trailer Device removable

Trailer clutch I wanted to have too. Swiveling is only orderable at the tournament, so it became the removable version.

  • Painting Dynamic Blue Metallic

Taste. I thought for a long time that I would take the standard color. During the order and on the spot I decided on dynamic Blue Metallic. If I have to spend so much money, then I also have a color that I like. Not that the standard blue (blazer blue) would not be nice, but the dynamic is putting another one on top of it.

  • Panoramic sliding roof, electric

Hach-what should I say. I’m a fan of it-and all the family members too.

  • 4 All-year tires, instead of summer tires

Here I deliberately opted for the year-round tyres. Although no fish nor meat as you say so nicely. The ADAC also says that it is of course a compromise of both worlds. I do not drive in the midsummer to the South or in the deepest winter in the Black Forest. In order to avoid changing the tyres twice a year, I decided on the year-round tyres. Of course also to save me the cost of learning the sensors every time.

  • Inductive charging station for mobile devices (according to QI Standard)

Inductive charging I’ve been using for about 3 years and find it a very pleasant thing. The extra was worth it to me.

 Some features such as the headlight cleaning system in the design Package III are also obligatory (according to ECE 48) for Xenon as well as in general for dipped beams in which a luminous luminous flux of Greater 2000 lumen is installed. Similar to the daytime running light which is obligatory since 2012. I just wanted to mention that for the sake of completeness. This is for example Especially important when looking for used cars at or Why? Quite simply, not everyone’s features are important and so it is often the case that when advertising the vehicle (private as well as commercial) features are often forgotten. If you now search for vehicles with the first registration e.g. 2015 you do not need to specify “Daytime running light” in the search. On the contrary, this is even counter-productive. If the Advertiser has forgotten to select it, the vehicle does not appear in the search because it seems to lack this feature. Since the vehicle BJ. 2015 is, it must have this though. Thus it makes more sense to perform a search without having selected daytime running lights. You will then be shown vehicle listings which have selected it and which ones have not selected (but still own).

What did I not choose?

Brief explanation Why I did not take the following (was today-whether I will be the same opinion in 10 years, let’s see. If you left this here future Jakob-Leave a feedback:)) Maybe you wonder why he didn’t order the head-up display. Honestly, I don’t really need this. A large display is already installed and in the instrument panel is also a display-a third, I honestly do not need. I did not want to spend the 450 euro extra. I don’t need the B&O sound system either. It sounds good, but I was not worth the extra charge (350 euro) and the space in the trunk was also too bad for me. In addition, the standard sound is quite good. In addition, DAB would also have cost 200 euros more. As seldom as I deliberately listen to radio, I don’t need it. Not that I don’t think it’s great, but I just don’t need it. In the interactive chassis system with electronic Damper Control (CCD) I have actually considered, however, this is only available with the larger engines orderable (from 1.5-L-EcoBoost (Petrol) and 2.0-L-EcoBlue (diesel)). So I took the decision. This was therefore about 2500, 000 euros I gave me. 1000 Euro for the additional features and 1500 euro for the suspension system (500 euro surcharge for larger engine and 1000 euro for the suspension system).

The question of the model

So since the decision for a Ford Focus has been made, the question arose as to which model it should be. A diesel with Euro 6d-temp-that was clear-but which equipment variant should serve as a basis? I just imagine how I read this here in a few years and either think-Jupp, rightly decided or HM, that was not quite so clever. But well, at some point a decision has to be made and this can only be done on the basis of currently available data and circumstances. 

What is there anyway?

The following model variants are available:

  • Trend (base model)
  • Cool & Connect (advanced base model)
  • St-Line (sport variant)
  • Titanium (“Business/High End” version)
  • Vignale (in addition to titanium, design changes were made + higher quality materials used)

Which one should it be?

If you look at the brochure of the new Ford Focus, you can compare the interior nicely. Here the pictures are displayed next to each other.

Model comparison-all variants

simply by the small multimedia screen the model variant “trend” is gone, which represents the entry variant. For the group of people who don’t value multimedia, this is a good and economical way to get a great car at an affordable price. But not suitable for me. The Vignale, the ausgebauteste level incl. Premium elements such as high-quality leather upholstery also fall away. I do not need it and the extra charge is not worth it.

Stay cool & Connect, titanium, St-line

Model comparison-Reduced

The St-line definitely has the best optics for the front spoiler. However , as mentioned in a post earlier, my focus is not on PS or sports equipment. Thus, the St-line could also be removed from the list. If that were the same price, would I have thought about it, but spend more money on sports features? No, that doesn’t have to be.

Stay cool & Connect as well as titanium

Ford Power Start feature (without having to plug in keys) is only available at Titanium and can only be booked at Cool & Connect at an additional cost. Cool feature, but that was only one argument-and of course not decisive for the war. Many features I wanted were available at Cool & Connect as additional options, but of course they were always more expensive than with the titanium version, where it was also an option or was already integrated in the equipment. All in all, it was therefore a madman to take the titanium model and upgrade it according to the wishes rather than cool & connect. So it has become the titanium version.

5-door or tournament like the combi at Ford is called

I’ve never been very fond of combos. Visually it is not so mine, I usually do not need it and the consumption is again minimally larger for a larger trunk that I do not need. There are, of course, optical exceptions, but these are scarcely sown. Thus 5-door.

Manual transmission or automatic

Yes, an interesting question. For a long time I was an advocate of manual transmission. My arguments were that I like to decide for myself how and when I turn on and that the automatic transmissions consume more and I remembered the automatic transmissions of 15 years ago when you had a noticeable break in every gear change. In the meantime I drove my turbo focus, rented cars also had manual gearboxes or other wagons I drove. About 1 year, however, I drove the automatic (DSG transmission) and thought only wow-that’s what you want too. Thus, the decision has fallen on the automatic transmission. The new Ford Focus has a converter-automatic in it, which switches again softer when you start-perfect. The only disadvantage is that you cannot simply be towed. But if the new focus behaves just like the turbo focus, then this has been done with towing. Let’s hope for the best.

1.5 L EcoBlue or 2.0 L EcoBlue

That was the big question now. PS and Acceleration I rather do not need , what for? The two times a year when you catch a section on a highway where you can drive without speed limit? No, I do not need and the 1.5 L has yes 88kW/120PS which for me is perfectly sufficient. The 2.0 L has 110kW/150PS and had 200 kg more towing load (braked), ie 1600 kg. The 1.5 L therefore has 1400 kg. I don’t need it either, so I liked the choice of the 1.5 L.


So the following was taken as Bais for configuration: Sedan, 5-door, 1.5 L EcoBlue 8-speed automatic transmission.

How did you actually buy the new focus?

(and the first right article here-it goes slowly to the undone)

The previous Ford Focus Mk1 (14 years old) and affectionately called “Turbo Focus”, has done more than its service. He has reached with his 90 PS which come from the 1.8 TDDi almost the speed of light (approx. 280,000 km). If you were not dependent on it and had time to carry out minor repairs, it would probably take many more km. I also suspect that there would be several minor repairs for the next TÜV (probably shock absorbers, stab rod, battery power,…). Since I currently lack the time, the tooth of time still gnawing on the car and threatening various driving bans, had to make a new and more reliable car. So the decision is like finding a successor. Since ca. So I’m looking for a year and I’ve been busier with cars, which is not necessarily my hobby. Whether anyone drives any PS-cars, V10 or lowered runabout, I’m quite frankly peripheral. Everyone should drive the car, what he likes and I am not a PS or displacement fanatic. A car should drive and take me from A to B. If there is some comfort, this is of course nice. But what I am rather careful of are additional features/gadgets/accessories which make everyday life easier and more convenient and above all, it should be of course frugal.

The search

Thus the search for a successor was started. The Ford Focus has always been visually pleasing to me, even though the Mk2 has not quite met my taste. The MK3, on the other hand, I liked again really well. I was all the more anxious about the idea of the MK4-and what should I say-I was not disappointed. But of course I also had to keep an eye on other vehicles-among others On a VW Golf, Hyundai i30, Hyundai Ioniq, Nissan Leaf and some other models. Accordingly, I have completed various test drives and also various drive types were considered, whether with gasoline, diesel, plug-in hybrid or fully electric.

Drive types

A short summary-not completely, as I have been busy for months and I do not want to go into every detail.


Completely electric was dropped, because the real range with a battery charge was too low for models which were considered for me price. A battery charge has to take me 300 km in real operation (even under extreme conditions). Say the marketing data of the cars were taken, then tested with real results against (trade journals as well as social media) and the selection was getting smaller. In addition, a certain buffer has to be taken into account, since batteries in extreme conditions naturally do not develop their full power and I still have to complete my route in the winter. So I came to the conclusion that there is no model which would be a question for me. And yes, I need the 250-300 km range with one charge. And no, I don’t want to spend 10,000 or 20,000 euros more for more range. The fact that such cars are priced only for the well-heeled, is yet another indication that this drive form is still far from the mass market.


Plug-in hybrid would have been an option. Visually, the Hyundai Ioniq does not look upside down. He was OK, but has two glaring flaws (in my eyes-others may see this differently). The interior uses a lot of hard plastic which I didn’t like very much. The arrangement of the keys was not intuitive enough for me also the number of those was something much. In addition, and this was also true for the fully electric car, that there is officially no trailer coupling. This phenomenon generally seems to be the case with (part) electric vehicles. Of course there are possibilities to install them afterwards, but this is linked to me with a string of smack. There will be a reason why a manufacturer does not officially offer it. As a result, these two drive forms have become uninteresting for me. This may change again in 10 years, but currently it is not for me. In addition there is a delivery time of several months (at the Ioniq I think 6 months and at the Nissan Leaf over 12 months)-fantastic. Persons affected by driving bans thus receive a transitional period of approx. 6 months, but can not buy a new car as the delivery times are so long. Here, as you often have thought, how to do such a thing professionally incl. Transitional periods and possible options. Whoever finds the irony may keep it.


As a result, the gasoline engine remained, as did the diesel. Despite the diesel scandal, driving bans and other negative headlines, I opted for a diesel. Why? There are some logical reasons to some emotional and irrational – as so often in life:) However, it was important to me that he met the latest Euro 6d-temp standard. What I had known for a long time, but still researched, was from when a diesel is worthwhile. (My level of knowledge was from ca. 25,000 km-however, with the newer more economical gasoline engines, this value (depending on the model) has slipped somewhat downwards). The ADAC has various tests and reports on this. Depending on the manufacturer and model, a diesel is already worth a 10,000 km (model dependent of course). Some only from 15,000 km and some only from 20,000 km. However, a diesel is always worth from 30,000 km and in this category I am about, namely between 20,000 and 30,000 km.

Car label

In addition, a great car label 2011 was introduced which allows a car buyer to read the car’s efficiency directly, similar to electrical devices such as a refrigerator. Classes from a (+) to G should show the buyer directly how efficient his car is. And why should I decide now for a car that is classified in category B (gasoline) instead of one for a (diesel). This is of course connected with a certain wink. More information can be found here. This is of course purely about CO2 emissions in connection with the weight. Nevertheless, one should use the means that the State makes available, right? Of course, the torque and the suit of the engine also comes to bear, one does not want to readjust-after all, man is a habit animal. And not only that, but also gasoline (with direct injection-so (almost) all new cars) are struggling more and more with particulates/particulates.. Various articles can be found at the ADAC as well as other trade journals. Thus it is not impossible that gasoline engines are at some point the same as the current diesel. And I’m sure that when the hustle and bustle around the fine dust has been solved, the focus is more on the CO2 value-and at the latest then the gasoline is on.


Finally, I came to the conclusion that it will be again a Ford Focus diesel. Not only because he likes me visually very well, no also in various trade journals he was praised-not least because of the good NCAP values in which the focus 5 of 5 stars received during the crash test. In addition, numerous security features and assistance systems are added, which I simply loved.

Fine tuning is complete if you can call it completed. Certainly over the course of time here and there will be improved again. After all, it is a private project and thus is always “tinkered” with something here and there. In addition, I was thinking of offering this site in English as well. Surely today it is simply possible if you use chrome or corresponding add-ons to automatically translate a page into another language. However, it makes more sense to have static pages in another language. The question now was to write English content or to have it generated automatically. In principle , I liked the idea of writing the whole thing down in English quite well, but I thought about the time spent doing this and decided to use an automated solution. As a result, the possibility to switch between German and English at the top of the menu now exists, the English content is an automatic translation of How well this solution works will still show, after all, it is an automated translation. Thus, the page setup and the YouTube channel would be ready. Since there are still a few weeks to delivery, I will write down a few general information in the course of the next few weeks here for which configuration I have decided and what the motivations were. Then you have a clue as to what you can adjust or not-and therefore decide in the early stage whether you want to keep track of the diary/YouTube channel regularly or only sporadically by looking.

The site has recently gone online, but still not finished-fine-tuning is still announced. WordPress has really evolved-wow. I had created my own Internet presence with WordPress about 10 years ago incl. Forum and various content. Many things had to be put on manually and laboriously at that time. When the time was no longer allowed to worry about it (and the project was also boring) I ended it. After now 10 years (and given occasion) I decided again for such an endeavor and must find that it is super easy to set up and maintain WordPress. I am excited. OK-admitted a whole decade of development has to be felt somehow and it would have surprised me if it still was like ten years ago. But that it is so simple, clear and above all intuitive, I would not have expected. Of course there are hosters where you can install various systems with a single click, then it is almost a child’s play and for any layman to accomplish. But manual installation is also a no-brainer nowadays. Download the desired system, unpack it, upload it via FTP, start the Setup wizard and enter data for the previously created SQL database-done. I can only recommend it to anyone. Also the convenience of installing plugins or themes is fantastic. When I think of earlier when I had to manually upload and configure plugins by FTP-a gray. And woe to one thing did not really want and one has shot down his system-oh woe. A big compliment therefore to all those working on WordPress as well as plugins and themes to develop-continues to do so. Despite the simple setup, fine tuning takes some time. It still needs a few plugins, setting up those as well as one or the other customization. That’s why I’m happy to have started the project on time. So I can take care of this and that in free minutes before I can devote myself in a few weeks to the actual topic.

Hi Ford Focus friends and all those who want to become it. This site is mainly dedicated to the Ford Focus 2018/2019 MK4 as well as the trappings. It is primarily about showing what the car has to offer for features (depending on the type of equipment, of course) and what challenges arose during use, almost an online diary with lots of useful (and unuseful) information. Why the whole thing? The idea came to me when my 14 year old Ford Focus Mk1 BJ. 2004 the new focus. Honestly, with my focus MK1 I had virtually no problems over the entire duration and that although you always say continue with the Ford and go home with the train. This is absolutely not true of my focus. Not that a change would be absolutely necessary, because the current focus perfectly does its work, but simply due to the fact that I always have less time for the care of the car. And of course, new noises are added regularly that you can examine and, if necessary, Need to tackle. Due to the lack of time and the high dependence on the car, a decision had to be made. And that was to acquire a focus MK4. Was I just lucky? Maybe! Maybe it’s because I tried to take care of him as far as I could. Afterwards I was annoyed that I had not logged in detail when I had done something (almost all repairs/wear parts were carried/changed by me). This is still the case with such an “old” car. I doubt whether this will be feasible with the new. But that is the need to find out. Thus the idea arose to open a blog for this car. Of course there are many great forums around various car brands, however, these are more about the direct exchange of information IDR. In case of problems. A chronological list of what was done when, what it cost etc. pp. you never find. This is to be different here.   I hope you will have as much fun with the blog as I will have. This page went online at 25.08.2018, since I set up the site on that day and wanted to prepare for the arrival of the new Ford Focus. Anticipation is the most beautiful joy, as you say so nicely.