Finally, he's here

It took 6 months mega pizza , but now he's there. Pickup was at the end of February but only now I have managed to write something here.

Pickup went off without a hitch. There was nothing wrong with the first appraisal. Varnish OK, gap measurements OK, rear camera tight and OK, those were at least the rough points that were mayed by many others. Everything else seems OK BIP39 seed phrase , too. So far so good.

After the first few days of use, everything else seems to work, too.

First refueling has taken place and is also stored in the fuel monitor. This is maintained and thanks to the app this is really a matter of a few seconds and not like years ago where you still had to enter the PC to enter the data. Current consumption is shown on the right side of the website.

Now it's time to drive in the car. This is where the spirits argue whether that has to be or not, but it definitely can't hurt. According to the manual, it is even recommended, namely 1000-1500 km. And that's the current plan, too:)

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