My Ford Focus goes online

Hi Ford Focus friends and all those who want to become it. This site is mainly dedicated to the Ford Focus 2018/2019 MK4 as well as the trappings. It is primarily about showing what the car has to offer for features (depending on the type of equipment, of course) and what challenges arose during use, almost an online diary with lots of useful (and unuseful) information. Why the whole thing? The idea came to me when my 14 year old Ford Focus Mk1 BJ. 2004 the new focus. Honestly, with my focus MK1 I had virtually no problems over the entire duration and that although you always say continue with the Ford and go home with the train. This is absolutely not true of my focus. Not that a change would be absolutely necessary, because the current focus perfectly does its work, but simply due to the fact that I always have less time for the care of the car. And of course, new noises are added regularly that you can examine and, if necessary, Need to tackle. Due to the lack of time and the high dependence on the car, a decision had to be made. And that was to acquire a focus MK4. Was I just lucky? Maybe! Maybe it’s because I tried to take care of him as far as I could. Afterwards I was annoyed that I had not logged in detail when I had done something (almost all repairs/wear parts were carried/changed by me). This is still the case with such an “old” car. I doubt whether this will be feasible with the new. But that is the need to find out. Thus the idea arose to open a blog for this car. Of course there are many great forums around various car brands, however, these are more about the direct exchange of information IDR. In case of problems. A chronological list of what was done when, what it cost etc. pp. you never find. This is to be different here.   I hope you will have as much fun with the blog as I will have. This page went online at 25.08.2018, since I set up the site on that day and wanted to prepare for the arrival of the new Ford Focus. Anticipation is the most beautiful joy, as you say so nicely.

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