Construction date-delivery date-an unfinished small odyssey

Every manufacturer struggles with the pitfalls of its own products. This starts with small products where only a small thing does not work or breaks easily because a wrong material has been used, then goes over to smartphones that crash regularly and everything is gradually fixed with software updates up to the Automotive industry, which is struggling with exhaust problems or is experiencing delivery difficulties due to too much variety or supplier problems.

As already described in the article Prospective delivery date, the new car should have been delivered in November. More specifically, on 30.11.2018. At first, everything looked like it would even get better and the car will be delivered in early November. Unfortunately

, it has not been the case. After that, the new delivery date was set to the 24.12.2018. OK I thought, not nice but now good. At the beginning of 2019 called the dealer and this informs me that my car has not yet been built. Oh.

Not only that, according to the system is the new production date March 2019! Yes, approx. 7 months after placing the order. Respect.

Research on the Internet shows that it is probably related to the trailer clutch. A first contact from the retailer to the factory also brought this information. It must be said here that the work had still closed (first calendar week 2019) and seemingly only an emergency occupation was present. Neither the trader nor I believe that an AHK can trigger such a big delay.

Once the plant starts again next week with production and is back with a full workforce, hopefully more information will be available and the production date will be switched from March to as soon as possible.

Since I also have to drive into current diesel driving ban zones, I will be reliant on a new vehicle from 2019. I included 3 months of delivery time when I ordered it (delivery date 30.11.2018) + 5-6 week buffer. So a solution had to come up. Because of holiday time, I spoke to other sellers in the same dealership as we are now solving this. All of them only offered me a paid car for the period up to construction. So 3 months driving a rental car and paying. If only a cheap 29 euros were to be expected, that would cost more than 2,500 euros. Not acceptable and I definitely would have turned on my lawyer.

So wait until my friendly and customer-oriented salesman is there. This one has provided me with a new Ford Focus MK4 for free and until my new one was built and delivered. Thank you again here to Mr Zelus from the Bunk dealership in Völklingen. So if you want to buy a car from this car dealership, please contact this seller. Nice, competent and he tries everything in his power to summon a solution when complications arise. Have already taken care of a small gift to show me thankful as soon as I can pick up my car.

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