Optional equipment Packages

Basic model is

As previously described, the basic model was now fixed-titanium. Now it was necessary to find out which equipment packages to choose. On the trend model, all other models build up (except Vignale-this builds on titanium), which already has a relatively large integration. OK you have to remember that I hang with the turbo focus 14 years behind and as already mentioned me with other cars had not been busy except with my own (repairs). So FAs is everything for me quite a lot of accessories.

Select Equipment Packages

The price list of the new Ford Focus presents all model variants clearly-including the possible equipment packages. Here, of course, you are spoilt for choice. What do you want? What makes sense? What is nice to have? And what is unnecessary? There are countless possibilities for combination, which everyone has to decide individually for themselves. One is sufficient as an additive e.g. Only the rear view camera, another wants only the side windows from the 2. row of rows and rear window have darkened without having to choose whole equipment packages. For my part, I wanted to have a few more things integrated in my car, if I can configure it myself. The following are the packages and accessories that I have chosen: Green marked, which I absolutely wanted and orange features which I also liked and I probably would have ordered. However, since they are included in the packages, there was no need for discussion. In summary, the packages for me were the better choice than single features invest. Some features are also available only in packages, such as The door edge protection, which is particularly interesting when small offspring ride or IACC. I will probably not need the charging function in the back seat back, but it is now. Maybe sometime in the future-who knows. I will report on everything in detail as soon as the car is there. So let's start with:

  • Design Package III
    • Side windows from 2. row of rows and rear window, dark tinted
    • Intelligent LED headlights with anti-glare-beam assistant and camera-based curved light
    • Adaptive light cone and automatic light-width adjustment
    • Headlight cleaning System
    • Sequential LED indicator, Front for cool & Connect and St-line (already standard for titanium and Vignale)
    • LED Rear Lights
    • Windscreen wiper with rain sensor, sensitivity variable adjustable
    • Interior mirrors, automatic dimming
    • Headlight dipped beam with switch-off delay
    • 4 Light Alloy Wheels 10×2-spoke design, in luster-nickel-Premium coating

Why the III package? 

Package II and IV each have only as an addition to the previous package that the alloy rims/tires are others. Not important for me, so only package I or III came into question, which also have better alloy rims/tyres. Only in Package II were there intelligent/adaptive LED headlights. In simplified terms, it is possible to drive with a permanent beam. I really wanted to have it.

  • Easy-Parking Package plus
    • Active parking assistant with in-and out-parking function and part-automated vehicle guidance
    • Park pilot system front and rear
    • Reverse camera with split view technology
    • Door Edge Protection

Here the door edge protection was decisive. Finally, the son has added several additional quirks to the turbo-focus. Especially when the door was opened and pushed to the wall. Reversing camera I like to take with me here, I probably would have ordered either way. The active Park Assistant is a hot thing, but if you really want to use it in the future, you have to show yourself.

  • Family Package
    • Rear seat backrest with loading function for skis
    • Center armrest rear with 2 cup holders
    • Door-child lock, Electric
    • Passenger seat, manually adjustable height with adjustable Lendenwirbelstüttze (already standard for titanium)

The middle armrest did it to me. I wanted to have so that also the son drinks can be put off comfortably.

  • Technology Package II
    • Ford Intelligent Drive Assist, part-automated driving assistance with
      • Jam Wizard with Stop & Go function
      • Lane Pilot
    • Intelligent speed control system, adaptive (IACC-Intelligent adaptive cruisecontrol) with traffic sign identification
    • False Driver Warning function
    • Alternative Assistant (ESA-Evasive steer assistance)
    • Beam Wizard
    • Fatigue detector

Yes, technology has to be–everything goes in. IACC is also only available in the package, i.e. not as a single additional option. The lane pilot is also a fine thing and not included in the package I, so it became the package II.

  • Winter Package
    • Windscreen and washer nozzles, heated
    • Leather steering wheel, heated
    • Front seats, individually and variably heated

Front window Heated I always wanted to have. Also only available in the package and not individually.

  • Theft alarm system incl. Double locking (with indoor monitoring)

Since I am often on the road and did not want sleepless nights, I have integrated the alarm system with.

  • Trailer Device removable

Trailer clutch I wanted to have too. Swiveling is only orderable at the tournament, so it became the removable version.

  • Painting Dynamic Blue Metallic

Taste. I thought for a long time that I would take the standard color. During the order and on the spot I decided on dynamic Blue Metallic. If I have to spend so much money, then I also have a color that I like. Not that the standard blue (blazer blue) would not be nice, but the dynamic is putting another one on top of it.

  • Panoramic sliding roof, electric

Hach-what should I say. I'm a fan of it-and all the family members too.

  • 4 All-year tires, instead of summer tires

Here I deliberately opted for the year-round tyres. Although no fish nor meat as you say so nicely. The ADAC also says that it is of course a compromise of both worlds. I do not drive in the midsummer to the South or in the deepest winter in the Black Forest. In order to avoid changing the tyres twice a year, I decided on the year-round tyres. Of course also to save me the cost of learning the sensors every time.

  • Inductive charging station for mobile devices (according to QI Standard)

Inductive charging I've been using for about 3 years and find it a very pleasant thing. The extra was worth it to me.

  Some features such as the headlight cleaning system in the design Package III are also obligatory (according to ECE 48) for Xenon as well as in general for dipped beams in which a luminous luminous flux of Greater 2000 lumen is installed. Similar to the daytime running light which is obligatory since 2012. I just wanted to mention that for the sake of completeness. This is for example Especially important when looking for used cars at mobile.de or autoscout24.de. Why? Quite simply, not everyone's features are important and so it is often the case that when advertising the vehicle (private as well as commercial) features are often forgotten. If you now search for vehicles with the first registration e.g. 2015 you do not need to specify "Daytime running light" in the search. On the contrary, this is even counter-productive. If the Advertiser has forgotten to select it, the vehicle does not appear in the search because it seems to lack this feature. Since the vehicle BJ. 2015 is, it must have this though. Thus it makes more sense to perform a search without having selected daytime running lights. You will then be shown vehicle listings which have selected it and which ones have not selected (but still own).  

What did I not choose?

Brief explanation Why I did not take the following (was today-whether I will be the same opinion in 10 years, let's see. If you left this here future Jakob-Leave a feedback:)) Maybe you wonder why he didn't order the head-up display. Honestly, I don't really need this. A large display is already installed and in the instrument panel is also a display-a third, I honestly do not need. I did not want to spend the 450 euro extra. I don't need the B&O sound system either. It sounds good, but I was not worth the extra charge (350 euro) and the space in the trunk was also too bad for me. In addition, the standard sound is quite good. In addition, DAB would also have cost 200 euros more. As seldom as I deliberately listen to radio, I don't need it. Not that I don't think it's great, but I just don't need it. In the interactive chassis system with electronic Damper Control (CCD) I have actually considered, however, this is only available with the larger engines orderable (from 1.5-L-EcoBoost (Petrol) and 2.0-L-EcoBlue (diesel)). So I took the decision. This was therefore about 2500, 000 euros I gave me. 1000 Euro for the additional features and 1500 euro for the suspension system (500 euro surcharge for larger engine and 1000 euro for the suspension system).

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